Why an organised job search is so important


The importance of an organised job search & job tips

When looking for new jobs in Banbury, it is vitally important to get yourself out there as much as possible. Therefore, maintaining an organised job search is essential in keeping on top of your use of all the job boards, registering with recruitment agencies or contacting company, after company.

However, managing and keeping up to speed with what you’ve applied for and the different stages that these are all at, can be quite a challenge. The points below should help you to achieve the right results and make the best use of your time:

Is it the right job for you?

Applying for a job has never been easier, simply with the click of a button. Before you do click that button however, ask yourself whether they are the right company for you. Check out their website, their online reputation. It is a great starting point in your job search and will help you channel your time towards the more suitable companies and opportunities.

Where have I applied?

It is a very good idea to have a nice, easy system to help you see at any one time where you’re at with all your job applications. An excel spreadsheet is certainly a particularly easy way to do this. A binder/file for your job specifications, notes etc. will also help to keep on top of things.

Knowing what you’ve applied for will help to avoid any un-wanted slip-ups with potential employers or recruitment agencies. Your efficiency, will create a good impression of your organisational skills and focus. It will also alert you as to whether an application needs chasing up with a phone call.

A positive outcome

Maintaining an organised job search is a huge time saver and should help everything fall into place. Job searching is an immensely stressful process, so any measure to keep on top of things can only be a positive. It will help you concentrate on preparing and performing well in interviews, give a positive impression of yourself and importantly; help get you that job!

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