What should I wear to my Interview?


What should I wear for a job interview?

An interview is all about first impressions. What you wear is very much key to this, before a word has even been spoken.

You don’t have to break the bank, however a little effort in your appearance will put you in really good stead. The facts tend to back this up too, with studies suggesting that 55% of your initial impression comes from the way you dress. Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule, however here are a few tips on dressing for an interview, in order to give you the best success:

Flashy colours and over the top outfits a no-no

While they’ll get you noticed, it is more likely to leave the interviewer a little unsure about you. A simple, clean look is the safest way to go, using colours such as white, grey or black. Subtle patterns, as opposed to vibrant, large patterned outfits are also suggested.

Less is more!

Don’t go too mad on jewellery, you want to enhance your look rather than distract. Keeping it simple is the key. Wearing a tie is certainly worth doing, but one with garish colours and patterns will create an impression, however not the one you’re possibly looking for.

A Step in the right direction

Smart shoes are an important element to your first impression. Sandals, flip-flops, trainers are a definite no. Even if you’ve been told it will be a casual work environment, you still have to create that initial impression and gain the interviewer’s trust. A casual appearance will create the impression that you’re the same with your work.

Denim brings disaster

While it is an easy option it is certainly best to give denim a miss altogether when it comes to deciding what to wear for your interview. Anything baggy and loose also gives a rather sloppy, negligent look to your appearance.

Revealing Clothes

The important factor when deciding what to wear is ensuring the interviewer will be focusing their attention on what you’re saying, rather than what you look like. Revealing a little too much may give a look of being rather rebellious.

Easy on the aftershave!

Body odour is another thing to be aware of. There’s certainly nothing wrong with wearing a nice perfume or after shave, however don’t go overboard!

Tone down on the make-up

Dark eye shadow, bright, glossy lipsticks or heavy foundation are best to be avoided. Looking good is important but you shouldn’t over do it. A crazy haircut like a big gelled mohawk for example, is also not recommended. Hiding tattoos and removing piercing is probably a good idea to maintain a clean professional look.

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