What makes a good Customer Service candidate?


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As a recruitment agency based in Banbury, we handle Customer Service vacancies on a regular basis. But what are our clients looking for?

Here we go through FIVE skills that we feel make the ideal Customer Service candidate:


A measure of good Customer Service could be how quickly you resolve a problem, for example, a customer has received the wrong order; so what do you do about it? Having initiative and decisiveness in swiftly turning a problem around is very important.

Clear communication

Being able to build rapport with your customers is so important in gaining their trust and is likely to encourage repeat business further down the line too. Clear, positive and calm communication is also very useful when resolving a customer issue, helping to diffuse the situation.


Anticipating or reading a customer’s needs is another essential customer service skill. Being able to quickly pick up on what they require, perhaps through their tone or body language, gives you a head start in how to solve their request.


Adapting to challenging situations and thinking on your feet is a difficult skill, particularly when working under pressure. Within customer service, you will encounter a wide variety of situations and personalities. Adapting to each and every one, while still maintaining a great service is key.

Listening Skills

Arguably as important as communication skills. Acknowledging and taking in what a customer is asking, enables you to act on it and makes the customer feel heard. It will also ensure good clarity for all concerned.

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