The Gender Pay Gap: What do we know?


Gender Pay Gap

The Gender pay gap is an increasingly hot topic, with a clear need to redress the balance.

This week, all UK businesses with 250+ employees (totalling over 10,000) have been required to report their gender pay gap (the difference between the average hourly earnings of men and women), as part of a wider mission to close the gap.

Here are a few key ONS findings:

  • Women were being paid a median hourly rate 9.7% less on average, than male colleagues
  • 78% of companies on average, pay men more than women
  • In terms of sectors, the biggest pay gaps were found to be in Construction (25%) & Finance (22%)
  • The airline Ryanair had one of the biggest gender pay gaps, an astounding 71.8%, while 97% of its top-earners were male
  • 8% of businesses reported no pay gap at all
  • 14% of businesses reported a pay gap in favour of women
  • More than 1,557 UK businesses failed to report their gender pay gap figures before the Wednesday deadline

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