Top 5 CV Debates


Anybody who has gone to multiple recruitment agencies looking for advice has probably found that even experts disagree about some things in the employment field. Talking to only one employment agency will only give you one answer to a multi-faceted question.



Below are the five biggest debates regarding recruitment along with some of the answers to them.

1: Are Multi-Page CV’s Okay?

Many recruitment agencies insist that you should keep your CV to a single page because that’s all potential employers are going to look at. Others argue that multiple pages are okay as long as they do not contain irrelevant details. In truth, we would say it depends on your position. If you are looking into upper management or another position that requires a lot of skill, multiple pages are the way to go, provided that you have sufficient experience to fill those pages. Most importantly, use your CV to share only details that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

2: Should you use Multimedia?

With multimedia being a possibility in this day and age, some people submit websites, videos and other creative items as part of their job applications. Sometimes this is discouraged going beyond the standard CV format, since such unusual endeavors can seem misleading and may end up sabotaging your job opportunities. In truth, being creative with the application process is a great idea if you intend to enter a creative field. For most other job fields, you might want to stick to the standard format.

3: Should your CV be “Pretty?”

It is usually advised that a job applicant keeps their CV simple in design, opting for traditional fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, and Courier. However, if you are elegant with your design, having a “pretty” CV can actually help you stand out from the rest. This is especially useful in fields where good design is a useful skill.

4: Should you List Your Interests?

Some people list their hobbies and interests on a CV. Some employers prefer that their applicants keep things as professional and to the point as possible. However, if you have interests that are relevant to the position at hand, such as writing for a communications position, then adding your hobbies will let your potential employer know that you are interested in the position from more than just a professional standpoint.

5: How should you List Your Current Title?

Many actual job titles tend to be vague and nondescript due to human resources needs. For that reason, job seekers may update their job titles to something that fits their actual role better. However, , that can cause trouble when you potential employer fact-checks at your current job. It’s best to update your title, but also be sure that it accurately describes your position in a way that won’t confuse your references.

Updating your CV can sometimes be quite difficult, but the CV writing tips from Prospect Personnel can help you sort through the toughest of these areas.