Top Tips: The Perfect CV


Perfect CV

Looking for jobs in Banbury, jobs in Bicester or jobs in Brackley? Here are our brilliant tips for the Perfect CV to help give you the best chance in your job search:


  • Truthful: There’s little point in lying on your CV, any decent interviewer will soon establish the truth
  • Hobbies: Don’t be afraid to share your interests, it will show you to be a more rounded and interesting person
  • Explain the gaps: Employers don’t like to see unexplained gaps. Even if there is a period of time where you went travelling, looking for work etc, it will look a lot better to an employer to see this gap accounted for
  • Profile: Your profile should be the opening section on your CV. This should be a short and concise paragraph really selling your capabilities
  • Employment History: This should be the second section of your CV, starting with your most recent job. It is important to state the company you worked for, the dates you were there, and a bullet-pointed list of your tasks there
  • References: The last thing on your CV should be your references. Ideally one professional & one personal
  • Font: Try and keep your CV down to one or two fonts. Arial or Calibri are a couple of ideal ones
  • Education & Qualifications: Ideally this should follow your employment history. Show an abreviation of your secondary school exams and rem most recent qualification first
  • Concise: Employers are looking for easy to read, concise CVs. CVs that have anything more than 3 pages are likely to join the scrap heap!
  • Tailored: It is often a very good idea to have more than one version of your CV, altering it specifically to a specfic job or sector
  • Chronological: Whether it is your employment or education, make sure you start with the most recent (and therefore probably most relevant) first and work your way back from there
  • Visual: It’s vital that your CV is visually appealing and easy to read. That’s not saying it needs some dramatic presentation style, but rather well presented and easy to follow at a glance. The use of bullet points is a must!

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