The top THREE essential Office skills required in 2018


At Prospect Personnel, we have an excellent understanding of the job market throughout Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire & Warwickshire.

We see the importance of standing out from the crowd as a candidate, with competition for office jobs often very high. Of course all office environments are different, however here, we go through THREE of the most sought after skills employers are looking for when recruiting for new office staff: 

Communication skills

Communicating confidently and having the ability to build mutually strong, working relationships is very important within an office environment. This can be applied to a wide range of roles and scenarios, whether it is working closely and effectively with your colleagues, liaising with suppliers or perhaps providing customer service support.

Written communication too, is key in communicating by e-mail and in the case of more specific jobs, a key component – for example within Digital Marketing and PR, writing copy and press releases.

Technical skills

Proficient IT or technical skills are now pretty much expected within most working environments, however not all possess them.

Firstly, there are a vast array of software programs out there, both widely used and some more bespoke. Being able to adapt to these and pick them up quickly is something employers are very much looking for.

General Microsoft Office skills are usually an essential in most office jobs, while any more advanced skills, particularly Excel can be a deal breaker for roles handling data and information.

Problem solving

Identifying a problem and formulating a solution to get around it is a great skill that can be applied to office-based work situations every single day. Having that knack or creativity to think outside the box and rectify an issue could save a company time and money or perhaps uphold valuable customer satisfaction.

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