The top FIVE essentials to bring to an interview


Top 5 interview essentials & job tips

The interview process is a stressful event as a candidate. It is important to stay organised and nicely prepared in advance. The more preparation you do, the more time you can spend on ensuring you answer those interview questions effectively.

Obviously researching the company, looking smart and knowing the location of the interview are very important things to establish. But what do you bring?

Here is our list of the top FIVE essentials to bring to an interview, improving your chances of impressing and getting that job in Banbury that you’ve been looking for!

1.) An up-to-date copy of your CV

You want to give the impression of being super-organised and prepared. Nine times out of ten, the interviewer will have your CV in front of you. But why not be prepared for the one time that they haven’t?

2.) Questions to ask the interviewer

Questions are a HUGE part of impressing at an interview. They show initiative and also illustrate that you are genuinely interested in the role and company. Good things to ask about may include progression opportunities, employee recognition or challenges encountered within the role, to name but a few!

3.) Your Professional References

These are always worth having to hand. It maybe the interviewer will ask for them at the interview and again, just like having a CV copy to hand, it will show how well prepared you are. Being asked for them at an interview may also be a very good sign!

4.) A smart notebook/pad & a pen that works!

There may be some important things to take down during your interview, whether this be details of a further interview or something said that may trigger a question in your head that you can ask at the end. Do ask if you could take a moment to write something down and not spend most of your interview scribbling notes!

5.) An example of your work (if applicable)

Explaining to the interviewer(s) what great attributes/skills you have and what a wonderful job you have done is great, but to actually show in the flesh, hard evidence of the great work you’ve achieved will certainly enhance your chances in an interview process. Of course this simply cannot be achieved with every single job, however where applicable, it is a must!

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