The top 5 interviews must-nots!!


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The job interview is a breeding ground for nerves, mistakes & blunders, as well as innovation, brilliance and skill. People react in very different ways, whether that be crumbling miserably or feeding off the pressure and performing brilliantly.

Staying calm and collected is key. Rushing your answers to questions and letting your nerves get the better of you can lead to some pretty damaging gaffs! Here’s our guide to our top FIVE interview Must-Nots:


1.) Bad-mouthing previous employer

Certainly, one of the more common reasons for looking for a new job is that you are exasperated or have grievances with your current employer. Translating this diplomatically and professionally when explaining why you are looking for a new opportunity can be difficult. But it is an absolute must! For the interviewer, it is merely your opinion, likely to have no evidence to back this up. You are best just saying that, for example, you are looking for a new challenge. The last thing you want is to come across as someone with a bit of a chip on your shoulder.

2.) Waffling

Every minute of your interview is precious. It is your chance to sell your skills and what you have to offer. Listen carefully to the questions asked. If you don’t quite understand the question, don’t be afraid to say so too. Your answers need to be concise, ideally with anecdotal evidence to back up your answer. What you must not do is to wander away from the question and go on a tangent. Sure the interviewer may do this and that’s fine, but make sure they lead proceedings!

3.) Coming across as desperate

Sure, you want to make the interviewer aware that you’re really keen on the job and the company, but don’t go overboard. Appearing desperate may give them the idea that you’ll just grab any old job. Certainly, at first interview stage, asking questions about the salary will make it look that you’re after only one thing. How do they know if they offered you the job, that you wouldn’t jump ship for a higher salary in 3 months’ time? You need to convince the company that you are at this interview because you are genuinely interested in the opportunity for the long term.

4.) Poor body language

Whether it be slouching in your chair, chewing gum or fidgeting away appearing bored, it’s all about first impressions! The chances are, the interviewer will have never met you before. They don’t know you. Therefore, they will be judging you on every move you make and everything you say. They are though human and will realise that nerves will play a part, but try your best not to drive them up the wall with that tapping foot. Keep that aura of professionalism.

5.) No questions

Questions are an interview must and is another method to illustrate your interest as well as helping to decide whether an opportunity is right for you or not. Going in without any idea about what to ask isn’t great preparation and won’t reassure the interviewer of your interest.

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