Speed is everything when recruiting new staff


We’re currently experiencing a candidate-short recruitment market – a shortage of skilled candidates available, to fill active vacancies.

In such a market, attracting new talent becomes more difficult and when you do find a great candidate for your business, you must act fast, in order to get them on board! buy dnp

This isn’t just an issue specific to the Banbury area. Speaking recently with the Recruitment Federation (REC) and other fellow recruiters, this pattern is occurring nationwide. It’s not though all doom and gloom though; it’s just essential you adapt to the situation. Here we go through the keys to securing your desired talent within the current market, ensuring you don’t miss out!

Don’t hesitate!

To put it simply, great available candidates won’t be around for long! So it’s essential you react quickly before they get snapped up. The perfect candidate does not grow on trees and finding people that tick every box for your role is difficult. So don’t dismiss someone straight away based on their CV. If they tick several boxes for you, flexibility is the key and we’d recommend you still get them in for interview. You may learn that they are an excellent fit for your business.

Managing expectations

In today’s recruitment market, we find hesitation is likely to cause you to miss out on candidates, so your recruitment decision-making must be decisive. If there is a slight delay in the process, you must make sure you mange expectations and keep your candidate informed. Silence to a candidate gives the impression you are not interested in them and they are likely to switch their attention elsewhere.

Enticing talent

With a reduction in available talent, there’s more of a need to encourage people to switch jobs, in favour of your business. So maximising your attractiveness as an employer is certainly key in today’s market. This could include a competitive salary, good benefits package or simply upholding a good reputation as an employer.

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