Post interview survival: The top 5 things to remember



Post interview survival: The top 5 things to remember

You can arguably compare the interview process to dating; making sure you say the right things, playing it cool and to not come across too keen. Waiting to hear an employer’s response after what seemed like a really great interview, can be seriously nerve-wracking and stressful.

Why not try some of the following ideas to help allay that stress somewhat!

A post-interview follow up

If you have your interviewer’s e-mail address, it would certainly be worth e-mailing them. Thanking him/her for their time and confirming your continued interest in the job will create a further good impression of yourself.

Don’t be pushy

As good as a post-interview thank you is, you should leave it there and await for a reply. It is important to avoid sounding desperate even if you are itching to leave your current job or end a period of unemployment.


It’s very easy to get excited after an interview. It’s a big release of pressure and if the interview appeared to go well, you’re naturally going to be on a high. As difficult as it can be, it is important to keep yourself grounded and not get too carried away. Putting all your efforts and expectations into one interview can pay off for sure, but can be shattering if it doesn’t. While awaiting a response, take your mind off the wait by continuing your job search and therefore keeping your options open.

Handling rejection

It’s important to graciously accept any rejections no matter how galling and disappointing it can be, having gone through a tough interview process. Taking interview rejection badly will reflect very badly on yourself, particularly as you never know whether you may cross paths again in the future.

It may even be the case that you hear nothing. In such a case if you haven’t heard within a week, send a polite enquiry e-mail as to the status of your application. If again you hear nothing, it is best to move on.


Finally, politely asking for feedback is a must! Such information is like gold dust in your job search and can really help you hone your job hunting and interview skills.

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