Apple and Facebook are offering to freeze female employees eggs


Is it right that Apple and Facebook are offering to freeze eggs for female employees in an effort to hold onto their female staff for longer?

Both Apple and Facebook are renowned for their hugely innovative and forward thinking approach. They have now though taken this philosophy into how they look after their staff…

So a big talking point in the media last month has been the news that Facebook and Apple are to offer to pay up to £13,000 for their female employees to freeze their eggs in order to prolong and establish their careers and postpone the idea of making a family.

There has understandably been a mixed reaction. Some see this as a masterstroke, potentially addressing the conflicts between the time that’s most important in getting your career established and the normal fertility time for women. However others see it differently and believe that this merely promotes the idea that to have children at the wrong time will probably lead to the end of your career.

It certainly is a hugely modern concept, but is it just a publicity stunt? Will employees actually use it, or will they prefer to put their family planning first. What do you think?