Want to know how to really impress at an interview?


During an interview it’s always a good idea to ask the employer some questions too. This shows you’re really genuinely interested in what they have to offer and will certainly create a positive impression on the interviewer.

Here are a couple questions you could ask to make you stand out a little more during the interview process. Keep an eye out for more over the coming days:

What are the ideal attributes you are looking for in the person you will be recruiting?

While a job specification will usually give you a good idea about what the employer is looking for, it is a really good idea to get them to explain exactly what they are looking for in their own words. You can then use this information to really prove to them that you are the person they are looking for.

What plans are in place to aid personal development within the role?

This will immediately tell the employer how ambitious and driven you are to work hard, improve and progress within the company.

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