How Social Media can aid your job search


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The technological age has a firm grip on the recruitment industry and has done for some time now, being an essential part of the process. But how can you best make social media & technology work for you when looking for jobs in Banbury?

Trawling through the newspaper job section is slowing becoming a thing of the past. A recent study found that nearly 50% of job seekers will search for work on their mobile, while nearly 80% of jobs are now applied for online.

Uploading your CV onto online job boards is a great place to start, giving you the opportunity to search for jobs, but also to be noticed by employers and agencies.

Social Media too is an increasingly useful tool in helping you to both get noticed and to look for work too. Here’s a few handy tips on how to use social media to improve your chances of finding work:

Join LinkedIn: LinkedIn is THE professional social media platform and active use of it is sure to aid your job search. Employers increasingly use LinkedIn to headhunt for new staff, so ensure you have a good profile that really highlights your professional experience and making sure you add your key skills and strengths.

Following target employers: Make employers aware of you through possibly interacting with their postings or particularly with Twitter, mention them within your posts. But don’t go over the top! There is also no harm in directly messaging them as to any opportunities they may have, explaining your skills and experience. This shows a bit of initiative and will hopefully impress.

Apply for jobs: Most companies realise the importance of social media and are using it increasingly, not only to update people / customers on company development, but new job opportunities too. So follow them and keep an eye on what comes up!

Improve your profile: Always look to improve your profiles, no matter how small. On LinkedIn, always look to add new skills, professional skills/training and gaining skills endorsements. Also, make sure there’s nothing on your profile that is likely to shock or turn off an employer!

Tell your network what you want: It maybe you can’t be public about searching for a new job, however if you can, make your network aware you’re looking and what you’re looking for. If an employer comes across your profile, even if they are not currently looking, they will have you in mind for when they are, giving you a potential head-start before the vacancy is out in the public domain.

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