Good News for the Jobs Market



The Reed Job Index for November 2013 is now out, and it looks like there is good news for people who are looking for a change in career. Reed Global, the producer of the report, is one of several recruitment agencies that have been carefully monitoring the market on a regular basis. As of now, it looks like people looking for jobs in Oxfordshire and elsewhere throughout the UK will have some good news this year.

Retail Positions Soar

According to the report, many retail businesses took the holiday shopping season very seriously and turned to recruitment agencies to help fill their employment needs. This resulted in huge employment gains in the month of November 2013, with jobs in the retail sector up 49% over November 2012. Other jobs in Oxfordshire and beyond have also benefited from the influx of new work, with the logistics and transport sector seeing an even bigger year-on-year business climb of 73%. Construction and property jobs are up by 69%, and the estate agency is also climbing, up 23% from the previous year. As a whole, the job market is booming across almost all sectors, which is great news.

Still a Long Way to Go

Despite this good news, there are signs that improvement is still needed when it comes to jobs in Oxfordshire and other regions. The salary index is moving upward, but still isn’t as high as it should be. When the Reed Job Index began in 2009, the salary index was at 100, which means that the UK as a whole is still chasing after the wage level that existed just a few years ago. Some regions in the UK still have work to be done, although 11 of 12 regions did experience significant growth. Most areas will likely be aspiring to Scotland’s level of job growth, as it saw a remarkable increase of more than 50% when compared to 2012. That leaves a lot of catching up to do for other regions.

Recruitment agencies have been a big boost to the UK job industry over the past year. Although there is still work to be done, the signs of an increasing economy are there. If you are looking for jobs in Oxfordshire, browse our website for a range of jobs in Banbury and the surrounding areas