FIVE top tips for Surviving the first day of your new job


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Brilliant news, you’ve managed to get yourself a new job! However, the excitement soon turns to anxiety as the first-day nerves kick in.

Help though is at hand, as following these simple tips should help you to fit into your new team, adapt to the new environment and very much get off on the right foot!

Getting there early

Of course, getting to work on time for the first day of your new job is an absolute must and it would be a good idea to give yourself lots of time. Getting there early gives you a chance to take your time and avoid rushing around and stressing you out! It’s all about giving that good impression and even leaving that tiny bit later at the end of the day, will also show your dedication to your new challenge.

Dressing suitably

Having been offered the position you clearly impressed your new employer with your skills, but appearance too plays a huge part in the hiring process. Being well presented in your interview was a must and so it should be important to carry this on into your first day and beyond. If it means dressing a little too smartly for the first day, then so be it. You will soon work out what is right for the job. They should inform you of the kind of dress code they expect, however if they haven’t it would be a good idea to find out.

Introduce yourself

Don’t be afraid to speak and introduce yourself. Getting to know your new colleagues, particularly by name, will help speed up your settling in period. Making the effort to be sociable will go a long way to adapting to your new environment, making it far easier to hit the ground running in your new role.

Make lots of notes

Over the first few days of your new role, it will almost certainly be a case of information overload. To avoid getting completely swamped, take a notepad. Writing down everything will really help in taking it all in and avoid any slip-ups. It will also give a good impression of your willingness to do well, as well as your organisational ability.

Ask questions

Don’t feel awkward in asking lots of questions. You can’t be expected to know everything straight away. Your new employer should welcome plenty of questions and that you get things right, rather than get it wrong and set off on the wrong foot. Using your initiative to ask intelligent questions will impress as well as help you gain the information you need to do your job.

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