5 Things to consider before accepting a job offer


job offer considerations

Great news, your hard work has paid off and you have yourself a job offer! However, before you can crack open the champagne, you have an important decision to make. Is it indeed the right job for you?!

While you shouldn’t over-think things, knowing what your main goals and motivators are, will soon make it clear what decision to make. Everyone is different and we all have different motivators, whether that is a desire to earn as much money as possible, or simply to have a job that offers long-term stability and happiness.

Here’s our guide to the FIVE main factors that are likely to influence your job offer decision and why they are important:

1.) Will it fulfill your career goals?

Most of us have an idea as to what we want to achieve, whether that be working towards a specific level or to work within a certain sector. Do you prefer working within a smaller organisation where your voice can be heard, but advancement limited? Or are you hugely driven by career advancement where a larger, corporate organisation may suit.

2.) Training & development

Is there a clear, long-term plan in place to invest in you, developing your skills and sector-specific knowledge through training and qualifications? Such commitments are important in satisfying our desire to better ourselves

3.) Long term stability

Finding a long-term career opportunity for most is the ideal. This gives you the chance to settle in, grow and develop, helping to understand the company & industry in great depth. Financially too, it is a calming influence, knowing your mortgage payments and ability to put food on the table are secure. Working for a struggling company with an uncertain future does nothing but threaten such security. So do your research and find out how stable the job and company really are.

4.) Earning potential & company benefits

When mulling over a job offer this can be the biggest influence on our decision and not always for the better. Big salaries are understandably a big draw. But while such opportunities will indeed earn you big bucks, this can be at the detriment of other factors such as job happiness. So remember to evaluate the job as the complete all-round package on offer before weighing up your decision.

Company benefits too can be a big draw and certainly have an important part to play in your decision. They are not a priority for all of us however, things such as health insurance, dental & pension plans can be of serious benefit. A lack of a benefits package, particularly from larger companies could be a sign of a struggling company so again, do your research.

5.) Team fit

Your gut feeling can be a big part in deciding whether to accept a job offer. One big influence on this is the people you meet. Following your interviews, did you warm to who you met? Could you see yourself working with them? These are people you could potentially be working with every day, having an influence on your success and happiness. Just like their first impression of you is important, your impression of your interviewer(s) too can be pivotal in your decision.

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