FIVE great reasons to take on Temporary Work


Temporary work can be an ideal solution for solving and adapting to changes within our career.

Here are FIVE great reasons to take on a temporary job, enhancing your skills & employment prospects in Banbury, Brackley, Bicester & beyond!

Broadening your skills & experience

Temping can be a great stepping stone for growing your experience in a certain area of work, improving your chances of gaining a more permanent opportunity long term. This is particularly relevant in today’s job market, where the importance of standing out from the crowd is far greater, with heavy competition for jobs.

A foot in the door

Temping can be a fantastic way to get your foot in the door within a company. Once you have shown your capabilities and a company has invested time in you, it is often a very logical step to take you on permanently if an opportunity is available.

A valuable income stream

It can be a little scary when you find yourself out of work, especially when you have bills to pay for! Temporary work can be just the thing you need, allowing you to swiftly return to work and keeping your income flowing. At the same time you can then be working towards finding a new permanent position.

Addresses any CV gaps

Being conscious of minimising gaps in your employment history is very important for your long term career prospects. So when you are out of work, make sure you pull out all the stops in getting some temporary work while you are looking for something more permanent. This shows the drive and proactivity that employers will be looking for.


Temporary work gives you the control on what work you do and when. This can be very useful in fitting work around life commitments.

Prospect Personnel are a recruitment agency based in Banbury. We handle a wide range of temporary jobs within the Banbury, Brackley & Bicester area.

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