Embarrassing Interview Blunders


A recent survey asking employers about the most common interview blunders has shown that over half cited dressing inappropriately as the most common interview error.

This was followed by speaking negatively about previous employers, appearing arrogant and not providing specific answers to name but a few.

Some of the more amusing and unusual favourites of ours include accidentally flicking a pen lid at the interviewer or leaving your flies undone. Neither though compare to what happened to a friend of ours this week…

…after the completion of a pretty successful interview, the interviewer turns to say a big thank you for coming along and that she will be in touch. Still a bit nervous and tense from the half hour interview, the said friend’s mind goes blank. She panics and says the first thing that comes into her mind…”thanks, I love you!” It was rather nervously laughed off, but needless to say, her embarrassment was off the scale!

What are some of your more embarrassing interview moments?

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