Clever & Creative Recruitment Campaigns











There is, at present a distinct and troubling talent/skills shortage within the UK, with skilled and available workers lacking in around 50 key areas such as Engineering, Health care & Technology.

As a result, what talent is out there is in high demand. Competition for these people is huge and it is up to employers to sell themselves and attract these skilled workers. There are many ways to do this, whether this be a high salary or great company benefits.

Company brand and reputation too, go a long way in swaying somebody that the company is right for them. A clever way to further reinforce this is through a clever or eye catching recruitment advert or advertising campaign. Steering clear of a generic job advert and going down the more imaginative route will help a company stand out from their competitors and will help to attract the best and most creative of talent.

There are several methods companies do this. It could be rather subtle, yet ingenious adverts like the one below. Not only does it advertise the role, but immediately acts as a method of bringing in only the most appropriate of candidates to them with the skills required to solve the problem, but also to do the job:









It could be that a company decide to go for a rather bolder and eye-catching approach to draw in applicants like the one at the top of the page. It immediately draws in your eye to the advert and plays on our inquisitive side!














Finally, adapting a similar brand or image to fit your own is an increasingly popular idea. In this case the advert below may be simple but highly effective. The company’s target applicants are also more than likely to have an interest in Apple and their products, in theory drawing more appropriate applicants to the role!


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