How to choose between TWO great candidates


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Are you in the luxurious position of having TWO great candidates to choose between?

But how do you decide between them when looking to fill your Banbury-based job? Here are FOUR key points to consider when making your recruitment decisions.


Which of the candidates will be best suited to the business in the long-term? Do they have what it takes to grow and progress within the business? Do they show leadership potential? Do they have a desire to learn & develop, or do they simply have a wider range of technical skills?

Company culture

One of the key dynamics of recruiting for staff is to ensure that you not only look at the skills & experience but also the personality traits of an individual. Do you see them integrating into your established team. A settled and relatively harmonious team is what you are aiming for, so try to avoid upsetting the apple cart by throwing in someone who doesn’t fit your culture  

Enthusiasm for the opportunity

During the interview process, who showed the most enthusiasm for the opportunity? Who perhaps asked the right questions? Who showed a genuine interest in what the company has to offer and simply appeared to want it more?

Have you considered?…

Having failed to separate the candidates, what do you do now? You may have reluctance to lose out on a really good candidate, in what is a market short on skilled talent. SO, have you considered the potential to hire both candidates??

Whatever your decision, make it quick…you don’t want to miss out on both!

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