Candidate experience – a valuable marketing tool


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During an interview process, there is always a necessity for candidates to provide a positive impression, giving them the best chance of securing a new job.

But for employers, it is as equally important to create a good candidate experience too, with reputation very much under scrutiny.

Recent studies have shown that of the people that experienced a negative recruitment process, over two thirds would tell their friends & family, or broadcast it on social media. Additionally, of those who had a positive experience, around 75% would broadcast this to their inner circle.

Upholding a professional recruitment process will therefore be crucial in building and maintaining a company’s brand and reputation, as well as of course securing new talent. Here are four of the biggest employer shortcomings during an interview process and the effects they can have:

Communication Buy Sibutramine Online

For candidates, updates during a hiring process is important. Being left in the dark, creates doubts as to how interested the business are in hiring and will be seen as discourteous. Whether there are any developments in the process or not, it’s important to keep up communication. For unsuccessful candidates too, informing them goes a long way to instilling a good lasting impression of the company.

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The current recruitment market does not allow for delay. When a potentially suitable candidate becomes available, you must act fast. An efficient process without delay will not only enhance how you are perceived as a company, but will also ensure you don’t miss out on the best candidates. Leaving candidates waiting for long periods is likely to result in them being snapped up by someone else, while also creating a poor candidate experience and impression of your company..

Delayed or lack of Feedback

Feedback, whether positive or negative is an important component of the interview process, but is unfortunately something often overlooked. A candidate has made the effort to come and be interviewed and so it is courteous to provide constructive feedback. Doing so will illustrate your professionalism as a business. For recruitment agencies too, feedback is vital in helping to build an understanding of what is an ideal candidate for a particular vacancy.

Job Offer Letter

Following a successful interview and verbal job offer, a prompt offer in writing should swiftly follow.

A delay in issuing this is very disconcerting for a candidate and can create doubts in their mind as to the seriousness of the offer. So avoid any uncertainty, uphold a great candidate experience to the end and get that letter out ASAP!

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