Brilliant interview questions to wow employers


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Leading on from our recent interview questions ideas, here are a few more good ones to ask. These will not only impress the employer, but also help you find out if it’s the right job role for you too:

Could you describe a typical day/week within the job role?

This will give you a real grasp of what the role entails and help to see whether you could imagine yourself doing the job. It will also really show your genuine interest.

What training is provided for the role?

This is important to know. This will also demonstrate your desire to progress and develop. It will also give you the assurance that you would be given adequate help and support if successful

How does the company reward or recognise outstanding work and excellence?

This shows your intentions to work hard for the company, impress and give it your all. It is also important to find out that your hard work would be rewarded if you were successful in getting the job

What challenges might I face in this position?

This question will offer further insight into the position, as well as give the opportunity to answer with examples where you have overcome challenges previously

What are the two most important qualities you are looking for in the successful candidate?

As with the previous interview question, this will hopefully give you the chance to demonstrate with examples, as to why you should get the job.

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