How to avoid missing out on the best talent


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Are you maximising your recruiting process and attracting the right candidates to your business?

In today’s candidate-led Banbury jobs market, it is more important than ever for employers to sell what they have to offer, with competition for skilled candidates extremely high.

Here are the TOP 4 common interviewing pit-falls, that can be detrimental to attracting skilled candidates:

Tough questioning

It is an employer’s prerogative to probe and question a candidate, in order to evaluate their suitability. However, you may find that making candidates aware of your interview format beneficial. Surprising them with a severe grilling, is unlikely to encourage candidates to confidently explain what they have to offer.


Keeping a candidate waiting for an interview longer than is necessary immediately gives the impression that your meeting is not particularly important. The importance of being on time and portraying a good impression from the start cannot be ignored. Remember, as an employer, you are selling yourselves too!

Lack of feedback / response

A courteous response and constructive interview feedback is the bare minimum that should be expected; after all the candidate has made the effort to go to the interview. Upholding a professional recruiting process and protecting your company brand, is a no-brainer!

Unrealistic expectations

Realistically, finding a candidate that ticks every box is difficult. So, go into an interview with an open mind and be prepared to think a little bit outside the box. It maybe the candidate is a small amount of training away from being the ideal.

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